Weekly Technical Report for the second week of December 2022

This week’s work is mainly a sorting out of this aspect of the work I am responsible for, and many problems have been identified so far. These problems are mainly focused on the data on the cloud, the current problem is mainly how to safely on the cloud, how to transform the current single-geography deployment scheme, how to fix the inconsistency between the data under the cloud and the data on the cloud. In addition, it is found that there are still some services using under-cloud databases, and these under-cloud databases are reasonably to be abandoned. However, these services are some old services, and code changes will bring some risks, which need to be investigated before taking action. The aspects of the investigation include the basic principles of … Read more

Weekly Technical Report for the first week of December 2022

This week’s work, to summarize, is mainly to put a core service on the cloud, and then constantly switch the nodes under the cloud into traffic forwarding nodes. The first step in the cloud is to deploy the service node in the cloud environment: migrate the configuration files, environment, and then compile the image for the cloud environment according to the stable version of the code, and then let the service run up in the cloud environment. After the service runs up and the test is completed, the node on the cloud is currently not any traffic, this time you need to forward some of the traffic under the cloud to the cloud, the first thing is to replace some of the nodes under the cloud with forwarding … Read more

On Theory Accumulation and Practical Experience in Learning

You must keep learning and enriching yourself as you grow in life. Why do I need to keep learning even after I leave school? Because I need to keep becoming a better and more complete person. On the other hand, by constantly learning and expanding my horizons and enriching my world, this can lead to a fulfilling life. Effective study time invested in your career can make you a more professional person, make you more irreplaceable, and enable you to do more important work. But for me, learning is not just for a better future, it is a lifelong hobby that makes everyday mundane life a joy. And learning is nothing but atmosphere two aspects, theory and practice. Through theory, I am able to enter a certain field … Read more