Fix grub2 boot UEFI after Ubuntu dual system reinstallation of Windows

If you have installed Ubuntu and Windows and then reinstalled Windows. Then the Grub boot entry will most likely be overwritten by Windows Boot Manager and you won’t be able to enter Ubuntu at that time. But don’t panic, follow the steps below to fix grub2 boot without installing additional software. Creating a USB boot disk for Ubuntu In order to repair the boot entries, we need to use the software tools provided with the Ubuntu system. Although we can’t get into the original Ubuntu system for now, we can use the image written on the Ubuntu USB stick to get a working basic Ubuntu environment. Download the image file from the Ubuntu website. You can use rufus to quickly create a USB boot disk, taking care to … Read more

Solve the problem of timeout and slow installation of yarn packages such as electron and chromedriver

Installing electron and chromedriver with yarn in China is often a problem that cannot be connected. At this time, we may prefer to use a mirror repository in China to speed up the process, rather than setting up a proxy. And when installing electron, it is useless to set yarn’s global proxy alone. So how do you set up proxies based on different packages? You can follow the sample commands provided in the list below to set it up.   yarn global settings Set the repository address used by yarn to install general packages. yarn config set registry 注册模块镜像 yarn config set disturl # node-gyp 编译依赖的 node 源码镜像 This is the result of running the above command, and you can clearly see if the setup was … Read more

oh my zsh configuration tutorial under Ubuntu

oh my zsh is a very good configuration framework based on zsh, it can simplify a lot of daily operations of Linux end users. Moreover, its interface is very nice compared to the original bash. This article describes how to install and configure oh my zsh and its common plugins under Ubuntu. oh my zsh Installation and Basic Configuration Before installing oh my zsh, you need to install git, curl and zsh by running the following commands. % sudo apt install git curl zsh After installing the dependent items, you can directly execute the following commands to install them with one click: % sh-c “$(curl -fsSL” Set zsh as the default shell: % chsh Follow the prompts step by step and type /bin/zsh. Common Plugin Installation Configuring … Read more

Configure and beautify the vim editor with one click using space-vim-dark

I have been using some mature configuration files to help me configure and beautify the vim editor, however, the original I was using has not been updated for a long time, and some of the plugins in its plugin list can no longer be downloaded properly. So I was looking for a replacement for it, and I found space-vim-dark to be quite good. space-vim-dark basic introduction After my search, I found a better and more beautiful configuration file space-vim-dark. this space-vim-dark is probably a vim configuration file written by Chinese, it can make vim adapt to the dark mode very well. First, I’ll post the repository address: This is the effect of its picture, the overall look is still good. Configure, beautify vim editor with it … Read more