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This site is the personal blog of Saturn&Eric (henceforth referred to as S&E, Saturneric, Eric), a site where Eric’s own life and technical articles are published. This blog is dedicated to sharing Eric’s personal experiences and insights, including exploration, practice, feelings and reflections, and several other major elements. On this blog, you can find tutorials about technology, ways to solve problems, and Eric’s thoughts and feelings about life. We hope that through this blog, we can build a bridge of communication and sharing with our readers to grow and progress together.

Overview of recent articles

  • Some reflections on mainstreaming
    一般而言,我们总是倾向于顺着他人走的路来前进。一旦偏离大家所认为的正途,就会觉得自己处于悬空状态,认为自己处于一种危险的状态。我们倾向于认为,大家的某种主流的观念是正确的,而不会去思考为什么是正确的,以及这些观念背后的逻辑。虽然顺从主流方式可以带来一些成果,但这种方式并不一定最适合你,你可能只是盲目跟从。如果别人询问你的建议,你可能会毫无思考地说出这些主流方式,但当别人问你为什么这些方式是正确的时,你可能就不知道如何回答了。 虽然说,当你跳出固有的大众思维去思考的时候,可能会产生很多迷惑。并且有可能突然发现原来这件事的逻辑是非常复杂的。在你尝试你认为是正确的新方法时,也有可能发现你其实是走了弯路。最后你可能会得出结论,主流方法也是有一定道理的。然而,只有意识到这些,有意识地去了解这些,你才能更清晰地把握事情的本质,才有可能找到最适合你的方法。不要因为害怕事情的复杂性而放弃寻找解决方法的可能性。 在我们的生活中,常常会有一种压力,让我们按照主流的方式去行动。这种压力来自于社会的期望、他人的评价以及我们自身对成功的定义。我们害怕偏离主流,害怕被认为是异类或失败者。因此,我们倾向于选择安全、确定的道路,即那些大家已经验证过的方法。这样做确实可以避免一些风险,同时也可以获得一些成果。然而,这种方式并不一定适合每个人。每个人都有自己独特的经历、能力和目标,因此需要找到适合自己的方法。 当我们跳出固有的思维模式,开始思考不同的观点和方法时,可能会感到迷惑和不安。我们可能会面临各种挑战和困难,甚至可能走弯路。但这并不意味着我们应该放弃探索新的可能性。相反,通过尝试和学习,我们可以逐渐找到适合自己的道路。了解主流方法背后的逻辑和原因,并不是为了否定它们,而是为了更好地理解事物的本质,为自己找到更有效的解决方法。 因此,当我们思考主流道路时,我们应该保持开放的心态,同时也要勇于尝试和探索。不要害怕事情的复杂性和困难,因为只有通过面对挑战,我们才能成长和进步。要相信自己的能力和直觉,不要过分依赖他人的意见和观点。最重要的是,要坚持自己的价值观和目标,找到真正适合自己的道路。
  • Weekly report for the first week of March 2023
    Recently, compliance requirements have been creeping into the technical side of things. In recent times, there are always products coming to the table about implementing such and such compliance requirements. Or, do some kind of compliance questionnaire. I feel that compliance is mainly about the storage of user information, access needs to be standardized, and then users can gradually start to control their own data. And then there are some personnel, organizational changes on the technical level of the impact of changes, for example, a business has been dispatched to other departments, and then we have been and this business … Read more
  • On the Importance of Information Gathering and Personal Reflection
    As we journey through life, we are often faced with important choices. In order to follow a low-risk path, we need to use a combination of information gathering, resource maximization, personal theory building, and independent thinking strategies. Information Gathering and Inference Understanding the Environment and Trends: By gaining a deeper understanding of our surroundings and industry dynamics, we can make a clearer prediction of where we want to go in the future. For example, understanding economic trends and industry changes can help us make more informed decisions about our careers. Assessing personal potential: By evaluating our own skills, interests and … Read more
  • Some thoughts on what makes a good mentor
    The experience of a mentor, accumulated through years of practice and deep reflection, contains a wealth of knowledge and profound wisdom. This experience is not comparable to the accumulation of mere time, and it plays an important role in shaping a student’s mindset and growth path. Discussion Formation and Transmission of Experience An outstanding mentor possesses experience that is not only rooted in theoretical knowledge, but more importantly stems from long periods of practical practice and personal reflection. These insights and solutions gained in practice are particularly valuable in dealing with complex problems and challenges. Compared with pure theory, these … Read more
  • Technical Weekly Report for the third week of February 2023
    This week was focused on dealing with a risk item that was discovered before the holidays. A service that was using Redis and not setting a TTL for the key, but was banking on the redis elimination policy. I see that this service is using Redis with an LRU elimination strategy set up. This strategy may seem perfect, but there are pitfalls when there is a lot of write traffic for a certain shorter period of time. This is when Redis triggers the elimination process and focuses its best efforts on this in order to be able to free up … Read more