Some reflections on mainstreaming

Generally speaking, we always tend to follow the path taken by others. Once we deviate from what everyone considers to be the right path, we feel that we are in a state of suspension and consider ourselves to be in a state of danger. We tend to think that a certain mainstream idea that everyone has is correct, without thinking about why it is correct and the logic behind those ideas. While conforming to the mainstream way can lead to some results, this way is not always best for you and you may just be following blindly. If someone asks for your advice, you may state these mainstream ways without thinking, but when someone asks you why they are correct, you may not know how to answer. Having … Read more

On the Importance of Information Gathering and Personal Reflection

As we journey through life, we are often faced with important choices. In order to follow a low-risk path, we need to use a combination of information gathering, resource maximization, personal theory building, and independent thinking strategies. Information Gathering and Inference Understanding the Environment and Trends: By gaining a deeper understanding of our surroundings and industry dynamics, we can make a clearer prediction of where we want to go in the future. For example, understanding economic trends and industry changes can help us make more informed decisions about our careers. Assessing personal potential: By evaluating our own skills, interests and potential abilities, we can determine the most suitable development path for ourselves. Such self-assessment helps us avoid blindly following others and ensures that the path we choose is … Read more

Some thoughts on what makes a good mentor

The experience of a mentor, accumulated through years of practice and deep reflection, contains a wealth of knowledge and profound wisdom. This experience is not comparable to the accumulation of mere time, and it plays an important role in shaping a student’s mindset and growth path. Discussion Formation and Transmission of Experience An outstanding mentor possesses experience that is not only rooted in theoretical knowledge, but more importantly stems from long periods of practical practice and personal reflection. These insights and solutions gained in practice are particularly valuable in dealing with complex problems and challenges. Compared with pure theory, these experiences are more relevant to real-life situations and have a higher practical value. The unique value of the mentoring experience Influence the starting point and possibilities of students’ … Read more

On Thinking Outside the Masses

In modern societies, dominant thinking and social norms undoubtedly have a profound impact on the thoughts and behaviors of individuals. These mainstream ideas are often regarded as safe and right choices. However, over-reliance on mainstream thinking may limit individuality development and innovative thinking. Therefore, it is crucial to think outside the box and explore individualized paths. The importance of independent thinking Cultivation of individuality and innovation: Many of the major discoveries and innovations in history have stemmed from thinking outside the mainstream. For example, Galileo’s geodesic theory challenged the then generally accepted theory of celestial motion, and despite the great opposition he faced, he ultimately pushed for great progress in science. This suggests that independent thinking and challenging conventional ideas are key to advancing science and society. Ability … Read more

Some thoughts on creativity and innovation in today’s environment

In today’s fast-moving technology sector and competitive market environment, coming up with brand new ideas does present a number of challenges. Although it seems that many products and services have become saturated, innovation has not stopped. Real market pain points can still be identified and solved by utilizing creativity and insights to the fullest. First and foremost, continually exploring new things is a key step in finding innovative ideas. This process can be time-consuming and requires sustained effort. Through in-depth exploration and experimentation, a fuller understanding of market demand and specific customer needs can be gained. Once you have accurately identified customer pain points, you can begin to develop solutions, which is a key ingredient for entrepreneurial success. After identifying the pain points, one should first assess one’s … Read more

On Theory Accumulation and Practical Experience in Learning

You must keep learning and enriching yourself as you grow in life. Why do I need to keep learning even after I leave school? Because I need to keep becoming a better and more complete person. On the other hand, by constantly learning and expanding my horizons and enriching my world, this can lead to a fulfilling life. Effective study time invested in your career can make you a more professional person, make you more irreplaceable, and enable you to do more important work. But for me, learning is not just for a better future, it is a lifelong hobby that makes everyday mundane life a joy. And learning is nothing but atmosphere two aspects, theory and practice. Through theory, I am able to enter a certain field … Read more

Relativity and conditionality of knowledge

This article was generated by AI based on the analysis of the original article. Having a broad and deep knowledge is essential for personal development, as it not only enhances our depth of thinking, but also our ability to deal with complex issues. The acquisition of knowledge is not simply a matter of absorbing external information, but requires deep personal consideration and critical analysis. In this process, understanding the relative and conditional nature of knowledge becomes particularly important. Relativity and conditionality of knowledge Importance of knowledge application Personalized Path to Success Conclusion In summary, the accumulation and application of knowledge is critical to personal growth and success. We need to recognize the relative and conditional nature of knowledge, and absorb and apply knowledge through critical thinking and in-depth … Read more

An Introduction to Focusing on a Goal and Trying to Achieve It

Actual Published: 2018-05-26 Original Article Discussion. In our journey to pursue our goals, we often hope to achieve them quickly, but this mindset often leads us to feel impatient and anxious. Instead, we should cultivate an inner calm and patience while maintaining a clear vision of our goals in our minds. In this way, we can remain calm and minimize external distractions, thereby planning our actions more thoroughly and thoughtfully and increasing the likelihood of success. Concentration is crucial in the process of taking action. We need to give our full attention and focus on the goal. Only then will we be able to realize our full potential and ability to think, and thus become more professional and focused in the area we are pursuing. In order to … Read more

An Introduction to the Unity of Knowledge and Action

Actual Published: 2018-05-26 Original Article In the reality of action, we often mistakenly believe that knowledge alone is enough to guarantee success. However, the reality is far more complex than our theories. Changes and uncertainties in things are the norm, and these changes often become obstacles in our practical actions. Therefore, we must remain cautious in our actions in order to cope with unexpected situations that may arise. Inconsistency between knowledge and action Limitations of Knowledge: We often think that knowledge equates to a guarantee of success, but this is an idealized idea. In reality, the knowledge we learn is usually based on theories and subjective imagination, which can hardly cover all possible situations and details. Therefore, the realization of success requires us to experiment and accumulate experience … Read more

On what is the nature of things

Actual Published: 2018-05-25 Original Article In my daily life, I started writing these words by chance. Writing for me is not only a soothing of the mind, but also a deepening of thinking. Through writing, I am able to organize my thoughts and quiet my mind to think deeply. These words seem to be a philosophical outfit, both a sharp weapon for theory and a sturdy defense shield. They help me to face the challenges and confusions in my life, which include thoughts on the theory of knowing and doing. These thoughts stem from my daily life, the books I read and my personal reflections. Limitations of Sensory Knowledge When we try to understand an object, we usually rely on our senses, such as looking with our eyes, … Read more