Some reflections on mainstreaming

Generally speaking, we always tend to follow the path taken by others. Once we deviate from what everyone considers to be the right path, we feel that we are in a state of suspension and consider ourselves to be in a state of danger. We tend to think that a certain mainstream idea that everyone has is correct, without thinking about why it is correct and the logic behind those ideas. While conforming to the mainstream way can lead to some results, this way is not always best for you and you may just be following blindly. If someone asks for your advice, you may state these mainstream ways without thinking, but when someone asks you why they are correct, you may not know how to answer. Having … Read more

Weekly report for the first week of March 2023

Recently, compliance requirements have been creeping into the technical side of things. In recent times, there are always products coming to the table about implementing such and such compliance requirements. Or, do some kind of compliance questionnaire. I feel that compliance is mainly about the storage of user information, access needs to be standardized, and then users can gradually start to control their own data. And then there are some personnel, organizational changes on the technical level of the impact of changes, for example, a business has been dispatched to other departments, and then we have been and this business to share the database and other resources. At this time, the issue of cost comes to the fore, that is, the money should be counted over there. Although … Read more

Weekly Technical Report for the fourth week of February 2023

This week I realized that some of the service frameworks are not written very well, especially certain Java frameworks. When the CPU usage reaches about 40%, there are a lot of timeouts. These services, CPU cores and memory capacity is not not enough, the number of working threads is not not enough. However, it is not enough to run the CPU. using Java performance tools to analyze the discovery, in fact, found that most of the working threads in Idel or Waiting state. At present, the comprehensive analysis of all the circumstances, still puzzled. NIO is also used, also used the Netty framework, but the throughput is not up. Through the analysis of threads, found that there is no particularly busy business threads. Inference should be IO or … Read more