Some thoughts on creativity and innovation in today’s environment

In today’s fast-moving technology sector and competitive market environment, coming up with brand new ideas does present a number of challenges. Although it seems that many products and services have become saturated, innovation has not stopped. Real market pain points can still be identified and solved by utilizing creativity and insights to the fullest. First and foremost, continually exploring new things is a key step in finding innovative ideas. This process can be time-consuming and requires sustained effort. Through in-depth exploration and experimentation, a fuller understanding of market demand and specific customer needs can be gained. Once you have accurately identified customer pain points, you can begin to develop solutions, which is a key ingredient for entrepreneurial success. After identifying the pain points, one should first assess one’s … Read more

Weekly Technical Report for the second week of January 2023

This week was mainly about ensuring the stability of various services in the run up to the Chinese New Year. Recently, I found that a certain service often reported timeout during peak traffic hours, and I reminded to forward to the service owner to deal with it. But after a few days, the service owner still couldn’t explain the reason. I had to deal with this problem personally, because the alarm has been very serious, and the timeout rate of some nodes can reach 20%. In this period of time, it should be due to the approaching holidays, the traffic has risen significantly, compared with the end of December has risen by 100%. So first of all, it is suspected that the carrying capacity of the service is … Read more