Weekly Technical Report for the fourth week of November 2022

This week, I’ve been mostly optimizing a service. This service is written in Java. When there is not much traffic in the production environment, there is also a call batch timeout. And when the timeout is sent, the CPU usage is very low. After observing this, the CPU usage never went up. At this point, it was speculated that the threads were all blocking on some operation, causing the problem. Most of the services I’ve worked with, including this one, are IO-intensive. These types of services involve a lot of RPC calls, and when RPC calls are made, the worker threads block, making it impossible to process other requests. So the number of worker threads for these types of services are set to be very large to ensure … Read more

Build a free open source good Docker panel Portainer

Portainer is a good control panel for Docker containers. Its code repository is here. It supports single node and cluster deployments. Prior to this, I had completely containerized my personal server. If you can visualize the operation and monitoring of various containers, it helps a lot in daily operation and maintenance, and you feel that everything is under control. You can see the effect after building, the interface is still very beautiful. You can quickly pull the mirror image You can visually publish containers and flexibly set environment variables, network, restart policy and other parameters. You can quickly update containers with new mirrors when they are updated. It is also possible to quickly access the Access Container command line and view container logs. Suffice it to say, I … Read more

Technical Review for the third week of November 2022

This is the first of my periodic reviews that has a technical problem I’ve encountered at work, so this installment is mostly a summary of experiences over time, to get a head start on future technical reviews. I’ve been working at the company for almost six months now, and I recently switched from client-side development to backend development. This is what I wish, but actually not what I asked for. Because I personally feel that in the current career plan of China’s tech industry, backend developers can explore slightly more things, and the scale of exposure to problems will be much larger. In fact, the client side is also promising, my first more mature open source project GpgFrontend is a client-side project. I invested a lot of time … Read more

AWS reserved instances limit exceeded Problem Cause and Solution

This alert usually occurs when you choose the “no prepayment” reserved instance program. The reason for this is that you don’t have enough credit, in other words, your monthly expenses are too low. In this case, it’s best to choose a partial or full prepayment plan, so you can pass. Moreover, the partial prepayment and full prepayment programs will be more cost-effective. You can save a lot of money if you buy for a long number of years.

Relativity and conditionality of knowledge

This article was generated by AI based on the analysis of the original article. Having a broad and deep knowledge is essential for personal development, as it not only enhances our depth of thinking, but also our ability to deal with complex issues. The acquisition of knowledge is not simply a matter of absorbing external information, but requires deep personal consideration and critical analysis. In this process, understanding the relative and conditional nature of knowledge becomes particularly important. Relativity and conditionality of knowledge Importance of knowledge application Personalized Path to Success Conclusion In summary, the accumulation and application of knowledge is critical to personal growth and success. We need to recognize the relative and conditional nature of knowledge, and absorb and apply knowledge through critical thinking and in-depth … Read more

An Introduction to Focusing on a Goal and Trying to Achieve It

Actual Published: 2018-05-26 Original Article Discussion. In our journey to pursue our goals, we often hope to achieve them quickly, but this mindset often leads us to feel impatient and anxious. Instead, we should cultivate an inner calm and patience while maintaining a clear vision of our goals in our minds. In this way, we can remain calm and minimize external distractions, thereby planning our actions more thoroughly and thoughtfully and increasing the likelihood of success. Concentration is crucial in the process of taking action. We need to give our full attention and focus on the goal. Only then will we be able to realize our full potential and ability to think, and thus become more professional and focused in the area we are pursuing. In order to … Read more

An Introduction to the Unity of Knowledge and Action

Actual Published: 2018-05-26 Original Article In the reality of action, we often mistakenly believe that knowledge alone is enough to guarantee success. However, the reality is far more complex than our theories. Changes and uncertainties in things are the norm, and these changes often become obstacles in our practical actions. Therefore, we must remain cautious in our actions in order to cope with unexpected situations that may arise. Inconsistency between knowledge and action Limitations of Knowledge: We often think that knowledge equates to a guarantee of success, but this is an idealized idea. In reality, the knowledge we learn is usually based on theories and subjective imagination, which can hardly cover all possible situations and details. Therefore, the realization of success requires us to experiment and accumulate experience … Read more

On what is the nature of things

Actual Published: 2018-05-25 Original Article In my daily life, I started writing these words by chance. Writing for me is not only a soothing of the mind, but also a deepening of thinking. Through writing, I am able to organize my thoughts and quiet my mind to think deeply. These words seem to be a philosophical outfit, both a sharp weapon for theory and a sturdy defense shield. They help me to face the challenges and confusions in my life, which include thoughts on the theory of knowing and doing. These thoughts stem from my daily life, the books I read and my personal reflections. Limitations of Sensory Knowledge When we try to understand an object, we usually rely on our senses, such as looking with our eyes, … Read more

On the psychological phenomenon of “antiplasmatic change”

Actual date of writing: 2017-05-14 11:08:30 Original article Understanding the phenomenon of antiplasmodial change requires an in-depth exploration of the psychological and philosophical mechanisms behind it. Antiplasmic change is not just a simple psychological reaction, but a process involving complex emotions, beliefs, and perceptions. It reveals the deep structure of human cognition and how we process information and emotions. This phenomenon is ubiquitous in everyday life and can be influenced by antiplasmodic change, from our understanding of relationships to our view of the world. The Psychodynamics of Antiplasmic Change Cognitive Dissonance Theory: Cognitive Dissonance Theory, developed by psychologist Leon Festinger, explains the psychological state of an individual when confronted with contradictory information. When our beliefs conflict with new information, psychological discomfort may result. In some cases, in order … Read more

Plans for the next phase

Actual time written: 2017-05-20 20:57:23 Have to admit that last year was a low year, whether in life, study, or spirit. Seeing and the goal is getting farther and farther away, and they are powerless to change. But now it’s different. After getting through all the difficulties, I finally found a new way of thinking and discovered myself for the first time. After solving a series of problems, my internal worries have dissolved, and I feel that I can finally concentrate all my abilities without being limited by myself. The answers that should be found, I had found. At this time, inner peace was felt. It was time to start running. The person who learns to run will no longer be the person who is tortured by himself … Read more