An Introduction to Focusing on a Goal and Trying to Achieve It

Actual Published: 2018-05-26 Original Article


In our journey to pursue our goals, we often hope to achieve them quickly, but this mindset often leads us to feel impatient and anxious. Instead, we should cultivate an inner calm and patience while maintaining a clear vision of our goals in our minds. In this way, we can remain calm and minimize external distractions, thereby planning our actions more thoroughly and thoughtfully and increasing the likelihood of success.

Concentration is crucial in the process of taking action. We need to give our full attention and focus on the goal. Only then will we be able to realize our full potential and ability to think, and thus become more professional and focused in the area we are pursuing. In order to achieve this, we need to fully understand and think about our goals before we act, and formulate a scientific and reasonable plan of action. When we think clearly and plan well, our minds can be more focused and less likely to be distracted by distractions and external interference.

Finally, success also requires patience and perseverance. In the process of pursuing our goals, we need to maintain a calm mind and avoid anxiety and impatience. In the course of action, we should constantly summarize our experiences and adjust our strategies so as to make steady progress and reach the ultimate goal of success.

This approach applies not only to the pursuit of personal goals, but also to broader fields such as academic research, career development and even artistic creation. In these fields, peace of mind, focus in action and patience in the process are also key ingredients for success. In this way, not only can we reach our goals more effectively, but we can also find more joy and value in the process, making the whole journey an enriching and rewarding experience.


The importance of maintaining inner peace, focus, and patience in the pursuit of goals can be thoroughly argued from both philosophical and psychological perspectives.

Philosophical Perspective

  1. Stoic Philosophy: The Stoics emphasized inner peace and self-control. They believed that by controlling emotions rationally, a person could achieve a sense of inner peace and fulfillment. This state of mind helps us to remain calm and objective in the pursuit of our goals and to avoid being disturbed by short-term emotional fluctuations.
  2. Aristotle’s Middle Way: The Middle Way proposed by Aristotle emphasizes finding moderation in behavior and emotions. Being overly impatient or overly apathetic is not conducive to goal achievement. Maintaining a balance of emotions and actions is the key to reaching goals.

Psychological Perspective

  1. Mind Flow Theory: According to psychologist Mikhail Chekson’s Mind Flow Theory, an individual can achieve an optimal mental state, known as “mind flow,” when he or she is completely focused on an activity. In this state, people can not only maximize their potential, but also gain great satisfaction and happiness from the activity.
  2. Goal Setting Theory: According to psychologist Edwin Locke’s goal setting theory, clear and challenging goals are more likely to stimulate personal motivation. At the same time, sustained attention and patience are the keys to achieving these goals.

Application in Practice

  1. Meditation and self-reflection: regular practice of meditation and self-reflection can help individuals develop inner peace and focus. These practices help to enhance our mental toughness and ability to focus in the face of challenges.
  2. Balancing long-term goals with short-term actions: Setting achievable short-term goals while pursuing long-term goals can help us stay motivated and focused. This approach allows us to remain patient and make gradual progress in the pursuit of our goals.


From a philosophical and psychological perspective, inner peace, focus, and patience are crucial to the successful pursuit and realization of goals. These mental states not only help us to maintain clear thinking and effective action in the pursuit of our goals, but also enable us to maintain a positive mindset and mental health in the process. By practicing these principles, we can achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment in our journey of personal growth and goal achievement.