Site Introduction

Owners and Administrators

The owner of this site, Eric, is a software engineer who is currently primarily responsible for backend development work. In addition, he also performs some backend maintenance work. This site belongs to Eric and he is also the website administrator.

Site Content and Four Sections

The site content will be divided into four main sections: Explore, Experience, Reflect, and Practice. In simple terms, Explore is the process of encountering new knowledge, Experience is personal thoughts, Reflect is the summary of processed knowledge, and Practice is the process of applying new knowledge. These four dimensions roughly represent Eric’s digestion process of new knowledge in life. Due to limited time and Eric’s laziness, he does not like to organize and format posts, so most of the content will be recorded in a “record-as-you-go” format, with the aim of keeping the posts short to improve readability.

Eric’s Experiences and Goals

Eric has been exposed to computer programming from a very early age and has done a lot of exploration in technology. His learning path for programming languages has gone from C# to Pascal, then to C and C++, and now to Java and Go. Almost every few days, he thinks and does things related to computers, software, etc. Unfortunately, Eric has never documented these things as he does not like spending time typing. Until now, there are only a large number of unfinished projects on his GitHub that barely prove that these things have happened. Some interesting things that happened in his life have not been preserved. Therefore, Eric created this site to record his exploration and problem-solving process. He hopes that his experiences can leave some traces or help others.

Importance of Recording Technical Explorations

After starting work, Eric’s mentor told him that he needs to periodically record his explorations in technology. He said that although he thought he could remember when he was young, he still couldn’t remember as he grew older. If there is a record of daily technical processes, he can come back and review them later. He said, “The talented people around me all do this, they all have this habit.” Eric agreed with this and felt that he really should start a personal blog again and develop a habit of recording. The main thing is to develop a habit of typing and recording his thoughts instead of keeping everything locked in his mind.

Multilingualism and Website Style

In order to communicate his thoughts with more people around the world, the original text of the blog will be written in Eric’s native language (Chinese), and parts of the content will be translated into English and German. Why choose these two languages? Because Eric has only systematically learned these two languages so far. Since most of the content is automatically translated, some word translations may not be very accurate. For content with obvious errors, Eric will make corrections.

Simple Website Style and Multimedia Display

The website will be kept as simple as possible, with a theme that gives the impression of reading a piece of paper. The style of black background with white text and a single font is used to present the blog posts. The addition of aesthetics will be related to the ease of writing and displaying blog content. In addition, Eric plans to add some illustrations and videos related to the blog content to better showcase his thoughts and viewpoints.