Weekly Technical Report for January 1, 2023

As we move into 2023, this year is going to be a tough one. This year will face several challenges, one is to migrate all the data previously deployed on physical servers to the cloud. Then there’s the accelerated development of several new team members who will be able to take on the services involved in the current main business as soon as possible and will be expected to be able to independently resolve user issues and optimize the services. This will allow me to transfer some of the work to them and focus on important goals that are expected to take a long time this year. There is also the fact that I have reached a stage of personal learning in technical and other areas that will … Read more

Technical Review for the fourth week of December 2022

This week I contracted the COVID-19 and was home for a total of 9 days. During this period, the most important thing at work was to assess the impact of the promotion and launch of a small program on the basic service system that I am responsible for. This small program hit the needs of the people of China at that time, and it was expected to have a large influx of traffic, which might have an impact on the core services of the basic service system. Originally, they had a feature that was going to go live, and the traffic was huge, so I had already evaluated and expanded the capacity. However, this time, after they pushed hundreds of millions of volume notifications, a large number of … Read more

Technical Review for the third week of December 2022

This week, the main work was to optimize for a certain Java service. The service has been having problems with CPU usage not being able to ramp up. The first question to consider is whether the service has a problem of insufficient working threads. Later on, it was found that it was not that the CPU usage could not be raised up, but that the raised CPU usage would lead to more timeout problems. The service had feedback from a long time ago that the performance was insufficient and it was not recommended to continue using it. So I have a feeling that the problem comes from the framework, not the business code. After reading and combing through the framework code, the framework uses netty as the NIO … Read more