On Theory Accumulation and Practical Experience in Learning

You must keep learning and enriching yourself as you grow in life. Why do I need to keep learning even after I leave school? Because I need to keep becoming a better and more complete person. On the other hand, by constantly learning and expanding my horizons and enriching my world, this can lead to a fulfilling life. Effective study time invested in your career can make you a more professional person, make you more irreplaceable, and enable you to do more important work. But for me, learning is not just for a better future, it is a lifelong hobby that makes everyday mundane life a joy.

And learning is nothing but atmosphere two aspects, theory and practice. Through theory, I am able to enter a certain field from a correct perspective, and can quickly grasp some of the essential laws of this field, and grasp the properties of things. And through practice, I can apply the theories I learned and form a deeper understanding of the theories. In addition, in practice, I can also gain experience that I cannot get from theoretical learning, and having experience can make me more skillful. Theory and practice complement each other and cannot be replaced by each other. For example, for a programming language, I almost always start from the theory. Then, by reading theoretical books, I get an initial understanding of the language. At this time, I will go to write some small projects to test this theoretical knowledge. In the process of writing projects, I found many problems that I hadn’t noticed before. By solving these problems, I have gained a preliminary understanding of the language, and my theoretical knowledge has become more solid. At this time, I will continue to study an advanced theoretical book with some questions, which will do a lot of analysis of some complex problems. These complex problems are difficult to encounter in my practice, or rather, it is difficult for me to notice that there is a complex problem in an insignificant place. By learning about these complex problems from the book, I can get a deeper understanding of the programming language, and I can also think more about optimization and security in general. All in all, a complete and in-depth theoretical study can help me to consider more comprehensively in practice. If I just write projects all the time and never read books, I will find that what I write is very elementary, and in the end, it often lacks in-depth thinking and structural design. If I just read the book, I will have no idea where the theoretical knowledge can be used, and the theoretical knowledge can’t be related to each other. In this way, this knowledge will only leave a shallow impression in my mind, and will not be able to bring about any profound changes.

Continuously practicing in a certain field brings experience. This experience allows you to become more skillful in your practice and to develop quick solutions to common problems in the field. Experience is valuable, but it is not all-powerful and must be combined with theory. However, I believe that profound innovation and flexible application can only be based on a solid theoretical foundation. Without a solid theoretical foundation, when you apply it, you can only adopt some simple patterns or common patterns. If the pattern is a little more complicated and there are more scenarios, I am not sure at all, and I lack confidence. Although the grasp of the complexity of the situation can be gained through continuous practice and experience, but these experiences tend to bind the mind, the formation of inertia, and it is difficult to quickly convert into breakthrough innovations. It is very difficult to solve problems that I have never seen before in my field without theoretical knowledge.

In the IT industry I work in, I believe that theoretical knowledge should be learned from the industry. The industry is the closest to the actual application scenarios in this field, and is the most capable of testing the practicality of theories. What you learn from the industry and the experience you accumulate is something you can’t get from general school practice. Theoretical knowledge should be in the university systematic learning, because there are large chunks of time in the university, generally able to isolate themselves from the hustle and bustle of society, and have access to a large number of documents and books, very suitable for sinking into a solid grasp of the theory. These in-depth theoretical knowledge, in practice may not seem to use, in fact, greatly affects the way I think about the problem and the way to make me see more in-depth, more thorough. This is also the direction of my choice of specialization in graduate school, I should abandon the applied specialization, and choose to go deeper into the theory and the essence of the profession.