Weekly report for the first week of March 2023

Recently, compliance requirements have been creeping into the technical side of things. In recent times, there are always products coming to the table about implementing such and such compliance requirements. Or, do some kind of compliance questionnaire. I feel that compliance is mainly about the storage of user information, access needs to be standardized, and then users can gradually start to control their own data. And then there are some personnel, organizational changes on the technical level of the impact of changes, for example, a business has been dispatched to other departments, and then we have been and this business to share the database and other resources. At this time, the issue of cost comes to the fore, that is, the money should be counted over there. Although it is a company, a business group, but I feel that perhaps due to the company’s internal accounting mechanism, for these cost issues are still more serious, will always argue what: they use our database, the money is still on our side and so on. Sometimes I feel that these are internal consumption, not out of a development perspective. In addition, other businesses may need to modify some common database structures or interfaces due to any demand adjustment, which is more troublesome. Because at this time, we don’t get any recognition for spending man-hours for them to do these things. However, we will be rushed and bombarded every day by the people there. It’s harder to feel caught in the middle.

Then, the PHP gateway migration that I mentioned in my last weekly report was actually in the works for the first month or two. In fact, it was written a long time ago, but in the subsequent switching of traffic to the new service, always encountered such and such problems. Specific performance is that the test environment traffic switch for a long time no one to find, all the official environment such and such a person to find. This interface suddenly can not be used, the interface suddenly reported errors and so on. In this case, because the problem occurs on the line, can only first cut the traffic back and then analyze the problem. Over and over again, a week will pass. Sometimes, switching 4 or 5 days before someone will come to find. Such a process down a long time even longer. leader has been saying how this thing has been done for a long time, but the actual situation is like this. Although the service’s subsequent specific code writing and maintenance work is not me to do, but I also know that a new service to be able to completely replace the existing service must have a process. Because in the absence of documentation and test cases, you don’t know what hidden mechanisms an interface has, and it’s not entirely clear whether the code I wrote is equivalent to the original. So at the implementation level, a lot of things were not explicitly reported, but I felt that management had to be able to appreciate that as well. Although the process was rather iterative and difficult, eventually the refactoring of this service was completed this week, and all traffic was migrated to the new service. This means that the life cycle of this old PHP gateway is over.

I have taken over the main backend business for almost half a year, and now I realize that when I first took over the business, due to the lack of experience, I always felt that other people’s technology was unfathomable. However, after a long time of contact, I realized that there are such and such imperfections in it. There are also some design flaws, very serious flaws are there. For example, the use of Redis as a database, to put it bluntly, there is no set cache expiration time, and then the data inside the Redis is very important can not be lost. There are also some old services that lack documentation and have long since left the maintenance staff, which are basically impossible to scrutinize in normal times. However, there are always one or two of these services are still being accessed, or have long been inaccessible, the customer suddenly found a few days and then rushed to urge us to solve. Many security issues also need to be rectified, a certain number of API accounts have some high level permissions need to be converged, but I do not know what this several accounts specifically do. These problems are just frequently encountered on a daily basis, and it’s hard to avoid them.