Some reflections on mainstreaming

Generally speaking, we always tend to follow the path taken by others. Once we deviate from what everyone considers to be the right path, we feel that we are in a state of suspension and consider ourselves to be in a state of danger. We tend to think that a certain mainstream idea that everyone has is correct, without thinking about why it is correct and the logic behind those ideas. While conforming to the mainstream way can lead to some results, this way is not always best for you and you may just be following blindly. If someone asks for your advice, you may state these mainstream ways without thinking, but when someone asks you why they are correct, you may not know how to answer.

Having said that, when you think outside of the inherently popular mindset, a lot of confusion may arise. And it’s possible to suddenly realize that the logic of the matter is very complex. It’s also possible to realize that you’ve actually taken a detour as you try new methods that you thought were correct. In the end you may conclude that there is some truth to the mainstream approach as well. However, it is only by realizing this and being conscious of it that you will be able to grasp the nature of things more clearly, and that you will be able to find the method that works best for you. Don’t give up on the possibility of finding a solution because you are afraid of the complexity of things.

There is often a pressure in our lives to act in the dominant way. This pressure comes from societal expectations, the judgment of others, and our own definition of success. We are afraid of deviating from the mainstream, of being perceived as an outlier or a failure. As a result, we tend to choose the safe, sure paths, those methods that everyone has already proven. Doing so does avoid some risks, while at the same time yielding some results. However, this approach is not necessarily for everyone. Everyone has their own unique experiences, abilities and goals and therefore needs to find the right approach for them.

When we think outside the box and start thinking about different perspectives and approaches, we may feel confused and uneasy. We may face various challenges and difficulties and may even take a detour. But that doesn’t mean we should give up exploring new possibilities. On the contrary, through experimentation and learning, we can gradually find a path that suits us. Understanding the logic and reasons behind mainstream methods is not to dismiss them, but to better understand the nature of things and find more effective solutions for ourselves.

Therefore, when we think about the mainstream path, we should keep an open mind and at the same time have the courage to try and explore. Do not be afraid of the complexity and difficulty of things, for it is only through facing challenges that we can grow and progress. Trust your own abilities and intuition, and do not rely too much on the opinions and views of others. Most importantly, stick to your values and goals and find the path that truly suits you.