Resize hard drive partitions with Gparted Live ISO bootable images


I have an 8G TF card with Openwrt installed on it, and the capacity of the root partition is not enough to meet my usage needs. So I started to expand the size of the root partition. The file system format of the root partition is Ext4. First, I tried to use DiskGenius and other Windows tools to expand the capacity, but unfortunately, none of them worked. So, we are going to use Gparted to expand it. Since the tool needs to run in a Linux environment, I didn’t really want to install a Linux distribution virtual machine for this purpose, so I used Gparted’s lightweight ISO image with Virtual Box virtual machine.


First download and install the VritualBox virtual machine and VM VirtualBox Extension Pack. virtualBox does not support USB peripheral operation by default, so install the latter to add USB2.0, USB3.0 and other peripheral support to VirtualBox.

VirtualBox Download Address

VM VirtualBox Extension Pack

After downloading both of the above, install VirtualBox first.

Then install the VM VirtualBox Extension Pack, specifically in the Extensions section of the Preferences screen.

Download GParted Live CD/USB/HD/PXE Bootable Image, download link.


Create a virtual machine, just allocate a single core, 512MB of RAM, and you can not create a virtual hard drive.

In the virtual machine settings screen, enable the USB controller in the USB Devices section and select USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 as needed.

Under the storage section optical drive, select the downloaded ISO image and start the virtual machine.

Select the first item in the first boot menu.

After that, follow the steps to select or enter Dont touch keymap, 26 (Simplified Chinese), 0 (Start X Window System) one at a time.

Then you will be able to enter the graphical interface and click on the Gparted tool on the desktop to image the partition operation.

After partitioning, remember to click Apply.